I always have NeutraBac pH on hand. It is a product I cannot live without. Its the best and most cost effective way to keep my horses guts in check and feeling their best. I’m also a huge fan of the Chelator Equine Mineral Blocks. We have them in every stall!

- Joy Wargo / Collinsville TX - Professional Futurity Barrel Horse Trainer

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We started using the NeutraBac pH drench in the spring of 2021, and it has been a vital part of our program. It has helped in preventing ulcers in our performance horses, and overall health on the road this summer.  They spent many days on the trailer and the NBpH drench made a noticeable difference in their water intake and stress along the way.

I also got a load of the Chelator Equine Mineral Bocks in August and was very pleased with the quality of them. Having a big barn, some of the horses took to them quickly… and were obviously deficient in some areas, slowing down once their bodies were replenished, while others took to them occasionally, but overall there wasn’t one horse on our place that didn’t like them.

The customer service is noteworthy also… Bo and Mandy go above and beyond for their customers, not just treating you as a customer but getting to know each person on a personal level, and understanding their program. I believe this, and consistent products is what sets their company apart from the rest!

- Ashley Goforth / Azle TX

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We don’t go anywhere without our NeutraBac pH. It keeps Firefly’s Gi track working correctly, I never have any issues with him not wanting to eat or drink while traveling. We don’t worry about ulcers either.

The Chelator Equine Mineral Block has been awesome at home and on the road. Firefly & Petrie took to the block instantly. It’s nice because you can cut the block in half and Firefly can have it in the trailer as well.

We love our products from EquiBoss Performance®!

- Amanda Welsh, Gillette WY; NFR Qualifier

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I first tried NeutraBac pH because of a conversation I had with a fellow competitor and how it improved her horses attitude during high stress situations. I have a really talented horse but he has a hard time controlling his emotions.

I first used NeutraBac pH as a pre-race supplement because I felt like his acid levels were interfering with his ability to compete at a high level. When I saddled to compete I would give him a couple squirts (I love the NBpH applicator) and I would immediately see a difference in his behavior.

Now he gets it daily and I continue to pre-race it.

This is now my routine on all my horses. They have all improved mentally. I can assure you every horse has some kind of elevated acid levels. If you want to improve your program this is the easiest and most cost effective way!

- Cheyenne Wimberley -Stephenville Texas ; multiple time NFR Qualifier

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NeutraBac pH has been very beneficial to my horses. I use it anytime they seem stressed or when I know they are going to be secreting excess acid do to the rigorous competition and hauling we put them through. I can quickly see a difference in their demeanor, and attitude. It helps them stay more calm because their guts feel better!

- Ashley Schafer/Comanche Texas ; Professional Futurity Barrel Horse Trainer

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I’ve had better luck with NeutraBac pH than anything a vet has ever prescribed me. WAY cheaper too. I could treat multiple horses at once for the price of 1 horse on omeprazole.

- Kelsie

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The NeutraBac PH has been incredible for my very ulcery mare. I have spent between 2 to 3K on vetting, supplements, and “trying” things since last September. The stuff just works. We hauled this weekend and she had none of her typical issues. We are one week into the 21 days.

- Kate

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Man, I have only been using this product for four days and I really should have taken a before and after picture. The fullness of his gut has changed dramatically in four days! He looks full and is eating all of his feed! Unbelievable product! Thank you!

- Wyatt

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I just gotta brag on your product like always. I ran Sissy, my good one, at Delta Utah last night. She made a heck of a run being bottom of the ground, but was just out of placing for her first run back. Anyways they had fireworks after the rodeo and she had a big-time meltdown and wouldn’t settle down after 30 minutes of them going off. I gave her 10 mL of NeutraBac  pH and she immediately went to eating her hay and calmed down. I was finally able to go to bed once she started eating and settled down.

- Katie Jo

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NeutraBac PH has played a vital part in my horses health this summer. After sitting at home for close to two years, I was worried about the possibility of ulcers on the road. With the help of NeutraBac  pH, my horse has stayed healthy and happy. My usual sassy, high energy horse has walked into the arena flat footed at almost every rodeo this summer. This is the first rodeo season I have had without having to give Gastroguard.

My four-year-old went on his first big weekend getting hauled in July. I was worried about how he would handle life on the go but he was an absolute pro. Tate ate and drank, stayed in hot wire and watched fireworks calm, cool and collected. Happy gut= happy horse.

- Sam

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For reals… Not sure how I ever lived without NeutraBac PH! My horses and I want to give you a huge thank you!!!!!!

- Katie

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NeutraBac pH never ceases to amaze me! NeutraBac pH is the foundation to keeping my good break away horse quiet. Gracie had a spur of the moment idea to run him on Poles tonight. With a dose when we left the house, as well as one dose an hour before she ran, Gracie walked away with a clean, CALM, and fast run!!

- Hana

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My mare produced excessive amounts of acid and Omeprazole did legit nothing for her. We put her on the Neutrabac as a Hail Mary and in five days she quit biting and in a month she was a totally different animal. I spent eight months and seriously several thousand of dollars trying everything under the sun. So while omeprazole helps many horses, I wouldn’t say it’s the only thing that will let the ulcers heal.

- Madelyn

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Thank you for such a great product!! We just got home from the Jr world finals in Texas, 28 hours each way. The horses were on Neutrabac pH and handled the drive and stresses of competition amazingly well!!

- Jennifer

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Can’t go without her morning dose of NeutraBac pH. This stuff has changed this horse literally from crazy eyes, jump sideways, going to get sold, too kind eyes and ready to rope! Maintaining those nasty ulcers with this stuff and it’s amazing! Also the applicator is awesome!!

- Ashley

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I actually can’t believe how fast this product works. My horse was tying up at a barrel race and my friend gave me 30cc’s of NeutraBac pH and he came out of it within minutes. So thankful that it was available to my horse before things got bad.

- Lindsay

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Similar to Zesterra, except much cheaper per dose, easier to give, and has a higher colloidal silver content. The silver helps heal the ulcers. It's

been a game changer in my program. It's also saved a couple from colic and keeps my performance horses eating and drinking on the road. It's also great to apply on wounds and funguses. One of mine had a fungus I seriously could not get rid of, I tried many things from the vet and home remedies, switched girth's, everything you could think of and NeutraBac pH was the only thing that cleared it up. It's an incredible affordable product, very consistent, and flat works!

- Doug

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I’ve been an equine vet tech for years. When I started looking to help our 23 year old stud, I went through what I knew. Gastroguard and Ulcerguard are the only things clinically proven to heal ulcers. That being said I’m not opposed to trying things others have had success with, even if there aren’t papers written about them. I’ve used Zesterra on this horse. I didn’t see results in a week to 10 days. But I’ve been watching Bo Douglas and his videos on the NeutraBac pH. He called me and we went through the ends and outs. At the end of our conversation I placed my order.

On February 4, I started our old guy on it. On the following Monday, this guy was cutting our border collie. He loped to get away from me in the pen -he hasnt acted like a kid in forever! He is 23, but has had a pretty tough go; early in his career he got an injury that resulted in 2 stifle surgeries, stifle infections that have left him with arthritis, and this last fall he tested positive for PPID.

He loses weight every breeding season. If he can’t see his girls, he stresses to the point of dramatic weight loss. I wanted to head that off early this year and get him in the best shape I can before we start breeding this spring.

Seeing him cut the dog, lope around the corral and carry-on, I wish I would have gone with my gut earlier and put him on an Neutrabac sooner! (Plus it’s cheaper than Ulcerguard, Gastroguard, and Zesterra!! Bonus!

- Melissa

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On ulcer prone horses NeutraBac pH gave mine relief much faster, they weren’t as nervous, and they are quieter to ride. I have used Zesterra/EquiSure since the product came out, and don’t get me wrong they also work, but I have noticed a much faster bigger difference in NeutraBac pH and the cost difference is just an added bonus!

- Kaitlyn Marie

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Hey Bo this is Katelyn from Indiana, we spoke on the phone a few weeks back. Just wanted to let you know how much we absolutely love your NeutraBac pH product. So many issues have been fixed in my breakaway horse and my husband’s high strung bulldogging horse. They both are so much more calm, relaxed and focused. They both performed at the top of their game through all the noise & crowds our our Circuit Finals last week. Just wanted to tell you thank you for taking the time to talk to me about it and explain it in detail.  Thank you for providing such an amazing product.

- Katelyn

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We were excited when Bo announced that EquiBoss Performance was coming out with a Chelated Mineral Block, as we have been looking for a good mineral for our broodmares. We have CHELATED Mineral Blocks out to all our horses which include 30 to 35 broodmares, weanlings to four year olds, and personal performance horses. As soon as we put the blocks out to the horses they all went to licking and consuming them at the predicted rate. We are excited to keep incorporating this mineral into our program to see the long-term benefits we know it will have.

- Quinn and Jessie Kesler

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