Chelator® Equine Block

Chelator® Equine Block

This block is a complete mineral vitamin pack all in one. It's the first of its kind in the equine industry. Why? Because we were able to compress a solid block without a bunch of sugars and starches to bind it together unlike most Protein Tubs in the industry. Each one of our blocks contains less than 5% sugars & starches. That’s huge if you understand the importance of avoiding sweets in the Equine stomach.

It’s also important to note that moving a 50 pound block around versus a big heavy tub is also beneficial to you as the Equine owner.

When it comes to minerals and vitamins, we source the best Organic Chelates that planet earth has to offer. Our Chelator Equine Block has the highest bypass efficiency score and absorbability rate in the industry. Each individual block contains our Chelator Mineral Molecule, which by design, is equipped with “Double Covalant Bonded Technology” offering each molecule upmost protection as it passes to the small intestine to be absorbed.

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1 30# block is formulated for a horse to consume 4-8oz per head per day. (60-120 days per head)

1 50# block is formulated for a horse to consume 3-4oz per head per day. (200-225 days per head)

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